Monday, February 4, 2013


I speak about gospel today. Gospel is also the same church music as a cappella.

The African taken to the U.S. continent as slaves was entirely deprived of their original language, religion, etc. Some people of them met with the gospel which gives help under the painful situation. They came to offer their original praise to God through the reformation to individual Christianity. In this way, music and poetic sensitivities, such as the Europe hymn, united with the tradition etc. of the rhythm peculiar to Africa which jumps, and the oral tradition. The music used as the keynote of present gospel called negro spiritual was produced. Becoming behind, the musicality is connected with various genres, such as jazz and a lock, and is still continuing evolving.
There are a church which uses this even in a Christian church, and a church which is not used. Especially, even a band participates in worship for a boy and it is used briskly. It has recognized officially in order to gain a young believer even in the Catholic Church.
In addition, there are black gospel which began to be performed from 1930 at a black church, and white gospel which south white Christian artist had sung. As for black gospel and white gospel, in both, a Methodism hymn serves as the origin. Since each church of a black person and a white had dissociated completely, both musicality is also a considerably different thing.


 The gospel artist was affected to the rhythm and blues which were U.S.'s pop music. They were not able to buy a musical instrument. Music was influenced by the situation of such a black church. And the gospel of the form of a cappella spread. In addition, many a cappella gospel to Japan was imported by a cappella boom of Japan around 1990. Gospel already became old in the United States. In Japan, many cases where gospel and a cappella are still mixed up are seen. The musician of the gospel graduate made it develop behind, digesting gospel and R&B, and it made the new genre called soul music. In this way, gospel changed from so-called sacred to the thing of world. The flow of this gospel incurred an antipathy of the church not a little.


Praise Song

 It is a section placed mainly on the beginning of worship. About 1-3 music is sung by all persons that gathered. In an early beat or a lively motion beat, it is sung with a handclap in many cases. It bears the function which heaps up the start of worship gaily.

Famous music…This Is The Day, Oh Magnify The Lord, Glory Glory, I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me…

Worship Song

 This is a section set immediately after Praise. People become more introvert. People sing at this time, extending a hand to each one, praying with its hands joined so that it may pray, closing eyes, or looking up at heavens. It is a calm music tone and a simple phrase is repeated in many cases. God is treated by the second person, such as You and Lord, in many cases.

Traditional representation music…Thank You Lord, Halleluja…

Offering song

 It is sung to the intermediate part of worship. It asks people for the contribution to a church. A music tone has many lively motion things.

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