Monday, February 11, 2013

Vocal exercises

I talk about the practice methods of a cappella today.  
  • I should think that I can sing a song well at a karaoke! 
  • It is disagreeable to be called a tone-deaf person ;-(
Anyhow, this is recommended at those who come to be able to be to sing a song well.

Before singing

Be in good health.
 Cold is an enemy of a song. There are some persons it becomes impossible to keep his sounds. Moreover, voice gets husky, or it becomes difficult to come out of high sounds.

A drink is prepared.
 Please drink briskly. I drink 500ml or more 2h.

It is necessary to make the whole body soft. It is especially a face.
Let's move a mouth and eyes. You cannot utter good voice with the body being hard. An ideal is it being unconscious and singing. It is good in uttering, while moving the body at the time of utterance.

Abdominal breathing
Let's be made to do from usually. If you sing using a throat, you will be tired, and also not much good voice does not come out of you.

*** What is abdominal breathing? ***
 As the name suggests, it is carrying out a breath in the belly. I teach you the method of practice. Let's sit on a chair first. You fold your fingers to an elbow of both hands. Your palm carries out in the direction which is visible to you then. You grasp a hand. Please bring it close to your breast. You push down with the upper half of the body near at hand until your floor can be seen. And please breathe. Then, let's have consciousness in the back, exactly hit of the kidney. If it does so, you should understand the feeling that the breath goes into the back. Let's breathe using a metronome in the state as it is. Tempo is set to 60. Probably, the furniture of the speed of breathing once by 16 beats will be good. You rise gradually. And in the state where it sat down ordinarily, if you have the feeling containing a breath in the back, you will be a success.
 Those who cannot do it need to breathe repeatedly, pushing down the upper half of the body. Next, the same thing is stood.
If it can do in the state where it stood normally, you will already be an expert of abdominal breathing. When singing, let's be made to make this abdominal breathing unconscious.

Vocal exercises are performed after being based on this.

 A metronome and a keyboard are certainly required. Be careful for a song not to become like a chorus at the time of vocal exercises. Since a chorus is a chorus, that voice is good. If you do a cappella, you need to be conscious of an ordinary band.

Please refer to this animation about vocal exercises.

It is important not to take out loud voice with vocal exercises. You sing with whispering in first small voice, and it is good to enlarge voice gradually.

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