Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 A cappella has an image sung in parks. But equipment is required in a live house. A cappella becomes beautiful by work of sound and lighting. Then, I introduce sound and lighting this time.


Is sound equipment necessity at a cappella?

 For a cappella, sound equipment is not necessarily required. However, it is a saved existence for a base or voice percussion. Since a microphone and the mouth are near, many low-pitched sounds is contained in the sound obtained with a microphone. This is called the approach effect and it is a troublesome existence usually. Microphones for vocals are having some approach effects taken into consideration.
While the voice which you actually uttered reaches your ear, bass has already declined considerably. Low-pitched sound is hard to transmit air. Therefore, to the part who wants to make low-pitched sound, I think that they are powerful arms.
Equipment will give a big effect to a musical performance, because an instrument is not used.

What is required?


 Needless to say, it is required by the number. The kind of microphone may be divided on voice percussion and a base.


 Probably, you understand since this is also heard. This diffuses the sound included in a microphone.

 It prepares sound, it is equipment taken out collectively. It prepares each volume, sound quality, a feeling of a stereo, etc.

 It is amplification apparatus for amplifying the sound summarized by the mixer etc. and taking out from a speaker. Put simply, there is a knob which carries out volume adjustment in an ordinary speaker. It is itself. The size of amplifier also changes with sizes of the speaker to be used.

 It is apparatus which attaches an echo artificially. It extends a short sound. It is like the echo of karaoke. Put simply, reverb is such.

 It is not necessarily required. If there is it, it is convenient. An effector is used tying between a mixer and amplifier.
 Do you have a disagreeable experience in which the sound "Peeeeeee" sounds from a speaker? It is called howling. When sound travels between a microphone and speakers repeatedly, the phenomenon happens. An effector is suppressing the phenomenon and improves the whole sound quality.


Is lighting required for a cappella?

 A cappella is materialized even if there is........no it. However, lighting attaches a flower to a cappella.

 There is much lighting equipment in a live house like a photograph. Various kinds of lights are attached near the ceiling.

 This is a lighting table for operating many upper lights. This table can be called heart of lighting.

An engineering work is smart!

Sound and lighting are a band member's members.

 Lighting illuminates Wright so that a member may shine, and Sound works so that sound may melt together. Although it is work of a shadow, in order to make the live pleasant, they are working hard. How about taking notice of sound and lighting, when seeing the live? I think that you get the view different from former. Let's also praise work of a shadow.

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