Sunday, February 24, 2013

Listening person

Do you hear a cappella usually? I think that there are few people who are hearing it. I want you to enjoy and hear a cappella. Please hear it, when free.

A cappella group and a vocal group

 As for a cappella group and a vocal group, the maximum charm is harmony. However, where is different?
 An a cappella group is faithful to "no playing and the many voice" which are the original meanings of a cappella. People also sing a bass and percussion. It seems that charge seldom moves in many cases. Since people have sung all, a cappella gives the impression about people's possibility. When it is heard for the first time, even if it hears it how many times, of course, you feel so.
 Although the vocal group harmonizes carefully, generally there is no part called percussion. Accompaniment is attached to it. A bass is not fixation. The charge itself may interchange by music. Since accompaniment sticks in many cases, you can enjoy the tone and melody line of a musical instrument. Conversely, since there is accompaniment usually, when a part of music is sung a cappella, there is impact considerably. It is because the portion of a cappella is conspicuous. It is recommended at those who want to hear the melody of harmony and accompaniment.

From now on, I will introduce the a cappella group which you enjoy and can be heard. It is a group which can be heard while riding on a rhythm rather than leaning and hearing an ear firmly.


They formed the group in the circle of Saitama University from the first. It seems that they became the six present men through the member change several times. The Japanese variety program of "Chikaranokagiri gogogo" of 2001 is the cause to which they became famous suddenly. The present member's Masayoshi Okumura played together as one person of a different group. Those days, the young man who begins a cappella increased rapidly under the influence of a program. Since Okumura specializing in percussion became famous in them first, the image of percussion may be strong. It is acknowledged to the extent that it will suspect whether to be a real percussion instrument, if the first person to hear it does not actually look at a stage. Incidentally Okumura is from University of Tsukuba. He is a senior of the circle in which I belong.
Furthermore, since all six persons are making music, as for their album, their individuality is overflowing. You can enjoy the music of various tastes.

 And their merit is piece with a catchy rhythm after all. If the music to which the body shakes at quick tempo is made to sing, there is no one better in the song than them. A cappella is pleasant! Also in everybody, the coming! And they are always sending the message. They are everybody and are the groups which are invited in order to share this pleasant space rather than make harmony hear it gently.

 I have spoken about a cappella over ten weeks. How was this blog? It is best to hear it for getting to know the merit of a cappella. First of all, please hear it. And please find your favorite.

Thank you.

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