Monday, January 28, 2013

In Japan

Tatsuro Yamashita
The forerunner of a cappella boom in Japan is Tatsurou Yamashita. He released on the street corner of an album in 1980. He wrote the words and music of the Christmas Eve which certainly flows in a town when Christmas came. A cappella of on The Street corner which he also sang by alone gave a shock to the concept of a chorus. I didn't know that Tatsurou Yamashita had sung a cappella until I wrote this blog.

The Gospellers
After The Gospellers was in fashion, a cappella became famous. Before The Gospellers came out, there was a group which had taken in a cappella. It is the ballade released in 2000, eternal(永遠に), the long hit was continued over 43 weeks. Thus, they became a pioneer of a cappella boom. Next, the one person(ひとり) which is that of the 2001 release has finished the inspiring feat included in the best 3. This record becomes the first in Japan as an a cappella work. In this way, a cappella came to be heard at people. There are also many cappella groups which imitate and sing The Gospellers.

 Since it was the same exactly, Hamonepu became extremely popular by the variety program of Fuji Television. Hamonepu of the title has omitted harmony and Neptune of chairman.  It is a program which amateur's students sing a cappella. A cappella group called RAG FAIR became famous in this program. Okkun who is a member of RAG FAIR is from University of Tsukuba. There is a cappella circle called Doo-Wop in University of Tsukuba. He belonged to Doo-Wop. Incidentally, I am also a member of this circle.
 Those who want to regard it as mist by themselves increased in number. Many people yearned after the world of their harmony.
 The students who have shared the painfulness of the same time and practice, therefore great a cappella can be played. How about singing or listening a cappella ?

 Many universities have cappella circles. There is also exchange between universities. If the live is held together, we can send the heart.
 The a cappella practiced over many hours is impressive. Let's move the body together, snap your fingers and listen to a cappella.

What’s JAM?
 Japan A cappella Movement is loved by the nickname of "JAM". It is the greatest a cappella street event in Japan. After being planned focusing on the volunteers of college student society in 1999, it is performed every year. More than 2000 visitors come every year. In JAM, the application of a cappella band is received from the whole country regardless of the genre. The band which won straight victories in two examinations, sound source and actual examinations performs the live. JAM is working with the idea of telling many people charms called the pleasure and wonderfulness of a cappella. The band of 12 which passed two examinations sang on the day. In the 12 bands, two were a band of Doo-Wop. It is great!

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