Sunday, January 6, 2013

A cappella and religion

A cappella is also a religious great by-product.

A cappella was sung as church music of Europe for many years. So, a cappella and religion are inseparable relations. It seems that there was also a place referred to as not using musical instruments in religious events in a denomination.

A cappella of a Renaissance term

The musician was competing in Renaissance music for making complicated and gorgeous music. For reason, it was not clear anymore whether it is a religious rite or a concert. Moreover, it is difficult to catch important words. The Vatican regarded this as questionable. The Vatican was forbidden from using a musical instrument. It seems that various arguments were also there. First, the Trient ecumenical council was held. The measure for opposing the Reformation of Luther and others at the meeting was discussed. It is because composers wanted to have made gorgeous music and to compete for an arm. As a result of being decided that restriction was imposed on the music used for a divine service. Polyphony was stopped entirely in the beginning and there was an opinion that worship only by a Gregorian chant is accepted. However, the principle of the divine service music of removing a common element as much as possible was decided. The contents are here.
1.   The whole or a part of music serves as polyphony.
2.   It is simple. Listening comprehension of words is easy.
3.   It consists of two or more parts.
Therefore, composers began to make simple music. The style of a cappella was circulated by this.
 Palestrina made the music of the outstanding a cappella.


Services in the Temple in Jerusalem include musical instruments. But traditional Jewish religious services did not include musical instruments. It is because a player is going to make musical instruments more gorgeous if it is used. Then, the tradition which sings a cappella was made.


Many Muslim musicians also sing a cappella. Some singers didn’t use musical instruments. It is because using them was forbidden.

The thought as Japanese

This report shocked me. This is the shocking report that Christian’s a cappella group banished a gay’s member. Mr. Will Thomason was dismissed in conformity with that members of the group should act in conformity with the instruction of the Bible. Of course by almost all cappella groups, there is no such thing. This group is exposed to criticism also in the United States.
Therefore, though a large majority is irreligious, this problem is no means unrelated also to us who have sung the black spiritual.
Religion is free. Music is also free. Then, is enjoying music freedom, being contrary to religion? Alone, a chorus also has the side in which it cannot do. That is, a chorus is completed in society.


A cappella seems to be the music borne by prohibition. Although it is the music which had brightness removed, it became deep beautiful by efforts of composers and players. I would also like to sing beautiful songs.

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