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Formation and feature

Formation and feature

 A cappella is divided into some parts. It is about divided into 6 from 4 after modernization. I introduce the form of present age a cappella to you.


Lead sings the melody of music. They have a role which tells words.
A cappella was sung from the first at the church. The church music values the prayer for God. Therefore, importance is attached to words. Lead is essential part.
It is suitable for those who want to come out in front. Since chorus and percussion back up a lead, a lead can sing very pleasantly.
Do you think that what kind of person is suitable in order to sing a lead? The main is lead although harmony of a cappella is charm. Lead must not lose other chorus parts at volume of voice.


 Although it is various by the number of a group, 2-3 choruses are. Impressions of music change entirely by this chorus. It is because chorus moves codes. According to kinds of these codes, music tones become bright, become dark, or become mystical. Chorus gives volume in harmony to a song and work attaches expression.
 Even if it is not a cappella, there is music using a chorus. The decisive difference from other music, for example gospel, is singing one part alone. That is, deception does not here. The point is the tension of volume of voice and voice. Since it is a conspicuous part, if voice does not arrive, it tends to become the impression “a lead is weak.”
 Do you think that what kind of person is suitable in order to sing chorus? Generally, the person of vocal quality soft and gentle to suits a lead. Shady soul is important for a chorus strictly.


 Bass makes low sounds like musical instruments. It seems that a male generally becomes a base in many cases when one person’s male is in a female group. However, in the case of a male group, it is too easy to merely become a base only for the reason why voice is low.
 Although it is being able to say to all the parts, especially bass takes the lead in a pitch. Bass is a core of a chord and supports music. Therefore, “sense of stability” is becoming very important. If bass is establishing massively, even if a lead and chorus are shaky, it is correctable somehow. A person good at voice control and those who have the calmness of seldom being perturbed are fit.


 Voice percussion is a part who reproduces the sound of drums using voice or a breath. By using a microphone, it can also make the sound in which a real drum is not lost. It is also called vocal percussion in the United States.
 It is popular with young men. Reasons are the following.
-      It is made easily, without using a musical instrument.
-      It is smart.
-      It seems to be interesting.
-      It is easy to come out of the result of practices.

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